Calligraphy & Day of Items

From beautiful wedding invitations and envelopes to designed place cards and menus, wedding stationery is a small detail that plays an important role in your wedding day! At The Letter Box, we’re ready to make your celebration as exquisite as you can imagine it.

Envelope Calligraphy

Envelope Calligraphy

The envelope is the first item your guests see of your wedding. Everyone loves seeing his or her name in calligraphy, so you’re sure to make your guests feel special long before your wedding day.

Day of Wedding Items

Adding a hand-written touch is a great option for place cards, seating charts, wedding favors, and more. Click Here to view past Day of Wedding items I’ve done.

Wedding Signage Calligraphy

Wedding Signage Calligraphy

With beautiful welcome signs, banners, and menu signage, help keep your guests on the same page about what to expect throughout your wedding weekend, all while adding special touches throughout the venue.

How It Works


Determine what you’d like more information on (envelope addressing, place cards, signage, menus, etc.). Contact me at or fill out the contact form.


I will email you more detailed information on my calligraphy styles and prices. You’ll receive a project proposal that covers timelines and costs. After you approve the proposal, a signed contract and deposit are due.


Once I begin the calligraphy, I will send you a picture of the first item I have done. You can let me know if changes to size or placement are needed.


After you’ve approved the calligraphy, I will continue with the remaining items. Most envelope orders have a two week turnaround time.


The final invoice is due at the completion of the order and before I ship the items to you.

Calligraphy Tips


When ordering items for calligraphy, please supply 15% more items.  Due to the hand nature of the craft, errors can happen and I like to have extras just in case.


When submitting your addresses for calligraphy, (we make this super easy!) I have a special template for you to use.  After you book your items, I’ll send it to you.  This helps organize your address list for a seamless calligraphy experience.


Black, white, and gold inks are the most requested ink colors.  However, there are many ink colors available.  In some instances I have custom mixed ink colors to coordinate with other colors that are part of the wedding day.  Ink colors other than black incur an additional charge.

Calligraphy & Day of Items Gallery

Take a look at some of our previous work, where every item is handmade and carefully thought out to capture all of our customer’s calligraphy dreams.