Have you ever spent hours scrolling page after page of holiday card designs?  Vow to decide on a holiday card design quickly and easily this year with this quiz “What’s your Holiday Card Style?”  Helpful and fun, this quiz will lead you to a selection of holiday cards that fit your personality.

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It’s that time of year when stores begin putting out Christmas items, a few radio stations begin playing “Jingle Bells”, and you yourself might start doing a little Pinterest-ing for holiday décor ideas.  Maybe you’re planning to change up the way you decorate your tree or the way you display that heirloom set of Santa’s you have.  Don’t forget to have a plan for decorating with the holiday cards you’ll receive, too.

Often you can add the cards to décor pieces you already use.  One of the challenging parts of decorating with holiday cards is the fact that you don’t know how many cards you’ll receive and thus how much space to provide for the cards.  Here are a few ideas to decorate with holiday cards around the unknown numbers you’ll receive.

1. Around a Door Frame

Hang garland around a doorframe.  Use small nails or 3M Command strips to affix the garland to the doorframe.  Use clothespins to attach the card to the garland.  This method is great because you can evenly space the cards around the garland as you receive them. Thus making the card display not look too barren in the first few weeks of the season when you haven’t received too many cards.

Picture used with permission from @gracedavisinteriors (www.gracedavisinteriors.com)

2. Framed

Consider framing your own holiday cards from past years and using the framed cards as decorations.  I love this idea because of the nostalgia it evokes.  It’s fun for everyone to see their loved ones at different ages.

Picture used with permission from @houseintheheights

3. A Big Envelope

Do you have a wall that needs decorating?  Create a large envelope from posterboard or find one pre-made.  Then hang your cards to look like they are blowing out of the envelope.  This display idea works great because it can grow with the number of cards you receive. 

Picture used with permission from @silvertoothfarmhome

These unique display ideas are sure to look great in your home.  Let me know if you give one of them a try!  Looking to order holiday cards?  Our holiday card collection launches November 7.  Click on the picture below and I’ll send you a reminder when they are available.