Envelope Addressing Etiquette Guide
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Last week’s Instagram post about envelope addressing etiquette generated quite the buzz. Many people commented and sent messages thanking me for the helpful information.

As a calligrapher, I see hundreds of envelope addresses each month. The etiquette on creating addresses has become commonplace. (Although, it did not start out that way!) Many years ago, I remember googling the following phrases often:

How to address an envelope to

  • a reverend
  • an unmarried couple
  • an engaged couple
  • a married couple with female doctor
  • and the dozen more unique situations

While it takes a little time learning the etiquette “rules”, they are important. Etiquette exists so that we are polite and respectful. Today, etiquette rules are more relaxed than they were decades ago. However, being polite is still in style. Just like sports games have rules, etiquette are the rules for social situations.

Need to know when to use Ms., Miss, and Mrs.? Wondering how to name (or if to name) children? Do you abbreviate street, post office box, or boulevard? All of these questions are answered in the free guide.

In the five page resource, you’ll find a chart, examples, frequently asked questions, and my personal tips for envelope addressing. It is a one-stop guide for your wedding envelope addresses.

Grab the Etiquette Guide below!

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I hope you find the guide useful when putting your envelope addresses together. If you’re looking for invitations or calligraphy, please reach out here or send an email to jill.theletterbox@gmail.com.

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