3 Ways to Easily Decorate Your Holiday Envelopes

Until a few years ago, I had never decorated an envelope or frankly even considered doing anything to an envelope except addressing it.  Then, I received a piece of mail that was decorated.  This envelope had multiple stamps all in purple shades, large letters for my name where small hand-drawn flowers sat holding the lines of the letters together, and purple washi tape across the center with the writing “kindly deliver to”.  That envelope was the first piece of mail I opened that day because it was so fun and elevated my spirit just to see it!

Throughout the years, I have spent time decorating envelopes in a similar fashion.  My mantra this holiday season is to spread cheer.  If that is your wish as well, consider spending a few extra minutes on your holiday envelopes.  It’s a small detail that can really make someone’s day.

Supplies You’ll Need to Decorate Envelopes

  • Envelopes
  • Pencil, Pen, Thin Black Marker
  • Ruler
  • Red and Green Markers
  • Envelope Template (download it for free below)

1. Stairstep Address

Download the envelope template. Cut out the rectangles.  Place the template over the envelope.  Write the address.  Start at the very left on each line to create a stairstep look for the address.  Finish the blank space with a simple holly leaf.  Color the holly leaf with markers, if desired. 

Time: approximately 2 minutes per envelope

2. Big Name

Lightly draw three lines slanted on your envelope for the name.  Write the name fairly large in marker.  With a black pen, add a shadow line to the right side of the letters.  Use the envelope template to write the street address and city, state, zip code.  Erase the lines under the name.

Time: approximately 4 minutes per envelope

3. Lights

Lightly draw the Christmas light strands on the envelope in pencil.  Use red and green markers to color the light strands.  Use the envelope template as a guide for straight lines to write the address.  Mix and match the writing with cursive and block letters.  Erase the pencil lines from the envelope.

Time: approximately 5 minutes per envelope

Get Your Free Envelope Template to Create These Designs

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Give a few of the envelope designs a try to really spread holiday cheer this year.  Tag your pictures of your envelopes @theletterboxshop on Instagram so I can see, too!

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