Top 5 Reasons to Mail Holiday Cards This Year

I don’t know about you, but I love receiving mail!  Snail mail that is.  You know the kind with an actual stamp and envelope.  It shows someone spent several minutes to think about me or my family and that is what makes it special.  One of my favorite times of year to send mail is at the holidays.

We all know what holiday cards are, but here are 5 reasons why you should mail holiday cards this year! 

1. Spread Cheer

My mantra this year with regards to the holidays is to spread cheer.  Life can get heavy with negative messages that bombard us through social media, news, and even friends and family.  I generally think of myself as a positive person, but even I come in contact with unwanted negativity.  Sending holiday cards is a way to spread kindness and positivity around the holidays. Add some fun stickers and a personalized message to your card to amplify the happiness. 

2. Send Pictures

Holiday cards are such a fun time to send pictures of you and your loved ones throughout the year.  Yes, we live in such an electronic era that is sometimes easy to see pictures of others.  But, it is also fun to actually print out those photos!  Sometimes the photos that bring us such joy to view stay in our phones.  The holidays are a great time to mail those you care about a nice picture of your crew.

3. Show You Care

The physical act of sending snail mail shows you put forth extra effort toward someone else.  Give someone the “kid in a candy store” feeling when he or she goes to open your card.  Cards are small gifts contained in an envelope.  We don’t know for sure what’s inside until we open it.  Caring for others is what the season is all about and sending mail is a great way to show you care. 

4. Relieve Stress with Envelope Decorating

Holidays can be stressful.  Stressful on many fronts in regards to the heightened busyness or family decisions on where to be when.  Taking a few minutes to channel some creativity in the form of decorating holiday envelopes can be a nice break from the holiday stress.  You might not have time to specialize everyone’s envelope, but taking a few moments to draw stars or Christmas trees or use a fun style to write someone’s name can be a hiatus from the stress of the season.

5. Connect with others

You probably have a caring circle of family and friends, all of whom you won’t likely get to see during the holidays—due to scheduling or distance.  Mailing holiday cards allows you to connect with those you won’t see and share with them a holiday message.

Spread cheer, connect with others, and give someone “the kid in the candy store” feeling when they go to open the holiday cards you’ll send this year.

Need Holiday Cards to Mail?  Set a reminder for Nov. 7, 2019, when the Holiday Card Collection will open for orders. (I hear there is going to be a special offer 😉