July 2017 Brush Calligraphy Class Recaps & FREE Back to School Lettering Printable

As a kid, my summers were full of workshops-cooking workshops, sewing workshops, arts and craft workshops, workshops on bicycle safety, outdoor camping, babysitting and more.  So, when summer rolled around I knew I wanted to offer my Beginner Brush Calligraphy Workshop to kids!  The day was divided into two classes, one class for middle school aged students and one class for high school aged students.  These workshops were so fun!  We began with learning to write the alphabet in brush calligraphy and then finished the class with a watercolor sign, where students penned a motivational quote lettered in brush calligraphy.  Look out world, these kids have talent!  (And #fail moment, I didn’t get a picture of all the finished signs!)  Enjoy a few pictures from the youth class below.



July also saw a private party with a group of friends getting together to celebrate a special birthday!  The Brush Calligraphy Class began with the basics of how to hold the brush calligraphy pen and a brief overview of brush calligraphy.  We then jumped into drills and learning the lowercase alphabet before learning how to string letters together to form words.  We finished this class with a chalkboard, where attendees wrote a quote in brush calligraphy.  (I’m learning I need to take more pictures! I only took one at this private party!)


As the carefree days of summer draw to a close with the first day of school approaching, I wanted to give out this freebie!  It is a back-to-school themed, printable brush calligraphy worksheet!  Feel free to download the Back to School Brush Lettering worksheet and print it. If you need more or new Tombow Dual Brush Pens, you can order them from my website here.  My website offers free delivery in Woodward, OK or I can always ship them to you, as well!  Use code: 4FOR12 to get four pens for $12.


More workshops are planned for the fall.  Currently, ONE seat remains open for the September 14, 2017 Beginner Brush Calligraphy Workshop in Woodward, OK.  You can register here.

If you have questions about classes or anything hand-lettered, send me an e-mail at jill@theletterboxshop.com