What is a Brush Calligraphy Class?

Brush calligraphy is a modern script that is similar to calligraphy with one main difference–the pen.  Traditional calligraphy uses a dip pen or oblique pen and nibs and ink.  Brush calligraphy uses a pen that more closely resembles a marker–albeit a special marker that allows for differences in pressure so that one can achieve thin and thick strokes.  Letters are formed in similar ways in both brush calligraphy and calligraphy, with many strokes making up each letter.  I find brush calligraphy to be a bit more “learner friendly” because the tool to create it is a marker, and that is more commonplace than a nib and a bottle of ink.  However, once you learn either calligraphy or brush calligraphy, I find it easy to switch between the two methods.

If you’re wanting to learn how to write in brush calligraphy, you might consider taking a class.  I have taught several classes on brush calligraphy in the NW Oklahoma area, and here is a look at what happens at a brush calligraphy class.  Upon arriving, you’ll notice the supplies for the workshop.  While these can vary depending on the class, you’ll likely see two different sized brush calligraphy pens and a workbook.  I have created my own workbook using my own lettering style to teach the class.

First, we learn the basics of brush calligraphy.  I show how to hold the pen and go over simple strokes to make with the pen. Then, we slowly and thoroughly learn to write each letter of the alphabet. I provide breaks in-between letters because you might feel hand-fatigue if you’re not used to writing for several minutes at a time.  We then advance to lettering words.

Here are some words from past participants on the Brush Calligraphy Classes.


“I really enjoyed your class!! I have been practicing and in class I thought to myself.. I feel happy learning this beautiful way to write!”- Nancy
“This class was fun! Jill gave a great workshop and provided many tools in the cost!” -Lynette
“I really enjoyed Jill’s class. I have been doing brush calligraphy all day! I encourage others to take her class.” -Beverly


Here are some pictures from a Brush Calligraphy Class in September of 2017.  Photography by SAE Photography in Woodward, OK.



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