Invitation Details for Memorable Stationery

As I get the mail for the day, I notice it.  It’s stuck in between bright flyers and generic envelopes.  The paper feels sturdy and smooth; the color entices me to it.  It is a beautiful navy envelope with white ink addressed to me! The most beautiful piece of mail I’ve ever received lies in front of me, and I feel excited about opening the envelope to see what is inside.  Someone has turned the mundane task of getting the mail into a compelling moment in my day.

Creating memorable mail doesn’t happen without planning.  And what makes something stand out among the rest is usually in the details.  It might be the details of quality, or the details of personality, or the details of accessories, but details are what make stationery special and memorable.  If you’re looking to send memorable mail, here are a few details that are sure to excite the recipient.  (Be sure to check the printable list at the end of the post, too!)

Hand-Painted Edging, Envelope Liners & Envelope Calligraphy

This invitation suite encompasses so many details and serves as an example of memorable mail! From the hand painted gold leafing to the envelope calligraphy along with the envelope calligraphy, this black and white invitation showcases details.

Black and White Wedding Invitation with gold details for Oklahoma bride


Vellum Overlay & Belly Band

Wrapping up the invitation bundle with vellum is a classy way to add excitement to your mailing.  The recipient gets to unwrap the contents much like a present.  Including a belly band, in this case coordinating string, incorporates a movement that is not associated with opening mail and makes your mail stand out.

Vellum Wrapped around wedding invitation with black and white string tie for Oklahoma bride


Silk Ribbon & Vellum

This multi-part invitation features a watercolor painting as a background with a vellum invitation over it.  It is bundled together with coordinating silk ribbon.  Quality silk ribbon comes in many colors and adds dimension to your invitation and mail.

Pink Peony Wedding Invitation bundled with silk ribbon for Oklahoma bride


Vintage Stamps

A selection of vintage stamps mixed with calligraphy can really set your mail apart from the rest.  Vintage stamps come in many colors and themes and can be mixed and matched with current USPS stamps, too.  Who doesn’t feel special when an envelope done in calligraphy shows up, too?

Envelope Calligraphy with green vintage stamps for Oklahoma bride


Printable List of Invitation Details

There are several more details you could include in your invitations.  Print the list Invitation Details for Memorable Stationery and begin sending memorable mail!


As I open the navy envelope with white ink addressed to me, I am met with a wax seal on the back of the envelope.  I can tell this is going to be something special inside.  Next, I see a navy silk ribbon that is holding several pieces of paper together.  The details have created a pleasant and memorable experience out of opening this piece of mail.  I’m likely not to forget about RSVPing for this event because I can see someone has put lots of thought into it.

Let me know of your favorite details to add (or receive) to your mail!