Stress-free Guide to Envelope Addressing Etiquette
Oklahoma Wedding Envelope Calligraphy white ink on black envelope
From Britt’s Eye View Photography


Date selected. Venue booked. Photographer chosen. Invitations ordered.

Look at you go.  You have accomplished so many tasks related to your wedding, and now you have one more item: acquiring addresses for all of your guests. 

You text message friends and family for their addresses; ask your parents and future in-laws for addresses; and send reminder texts to your friends and family for their addresses.

Once you finally compile your address list, you begin wondering how exactly to go about addressing your invitations.  You see a list composed of doctors, couples who aren’t married, families, and apartment numbers. 

No fear! Now that you have the addresses, here is the Stress-free Guide to Envelope Addressing Etiquette!  In this three page handout, you’ll get access to the most common envelope addressing situations. 


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Oklahoma Wedding Calligraphy white ink on navy envelope

It’s as easy as finding the category and replacing your address information to it.  Maybe you’re needing more information or wanting your addresses done in calligraphy.  Envelope calligraphy is my specialty and the best way to make your guests feel extra special when they open that invitation.

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